evolve to freedom



It started from chaos…

I always imagined having my own digital business which enabled me to live a relaxed beachside lifestyle with time to focus on my passions. A few years ago I had drifted far from that dream of freedom.

I’m Chris and in my previous role for a hotel group I spent most of my days rushing through airports and working insane hours, with no time to truly enjoy life. After 10 years of selling my soul to reach the company goals, I was suddenly laid off. I had reached burnout – my health and relationship suffering as a result of work taking priority over my own wellbeing.

I felt blindsided and overwhelmed by the uncertainty in my life. The months ahead were even more challenging as I obliterated most of my hard earned savings trying to live on fresh air.

The unexpected quiet time gave me a chance to reflect on how to create that lifestyle of freedom I had always craved? I had to renew my perspective to see opportunity in the adversity. I would have to go beyond my own limitiations and cultivate an unwavering belief in myself.

Considering the global volatility, I realised that this was the perfect time to acquire the skills I needed to thrive in the digital space. But did I have what it takes to build my own lifestyle business, with zero experience? Could I bring any value to the world? What if I failed? The thought of putting myself out there was terrifying!

I researched countless opportunites but ended up more confused than confident how to move forward. And then I found it! A simple, clear cut training which shows that building a thriving digital business is so accessible to anyone! It provided a proven earning model, enabling me to start right away and earn a high ticket commission! I knew it was really possible to create the freedom I had been seeking in my life!

I believed it was worth investing in myself, so I took a leap of faith and went all in!

Chaos evolved to freedom…

Today I have my own lifestyle business and I’m on my way to my first goal of a $25k month! I am free to pursue my own interests and work from any location and whenever I like.

It certainly wasn’t easy. It took persistence and a relentless pursuit of my highest ambitions to find a sense of fulfilment and purpose. I realise now that it was my adversity which actually shaped my growth.

Looking back it was so worth it! I feel happier, healthier and energised by the idea of making a positive impact in the lives of others. If I can create a life changing business in my situation then I know anyone can do the same!

I am so grateful to be living a more authentic lifestyle and super excited to be able to inspire others to towards freedom!