evolve to freedom



It all started with pursuing my own  Dream...


Hi I’m Chris, a little obsessed with beaches, espresso and travel, but my true passion is to help people achieve lifestyle, time and financial freedom through digital business. I’m living a lifestyle I love, building my dream digital income and my goal is to help you do the same!

For a very long time I wanted to change the way I lived and worked. I was tired of working endless hours building someone else’s dream. I was frustrated with renting my time out for money. I felt like my life on autopilot, going through the motions instead of truly living. I dreamed of a quality lifestyle, living by the ocean, spending more time with my loved ones and enjoying travel with my partner.

I needed a life with true freedom and balance, where I could live life my way and work for myself. I knew that my vision of freedom was never going to be realised unless I overcame my limitations. So I embarked on a journey to reinvent my life. 

It all started as I travelled the world working with a global corporation. I was mesmerised by the sights, aromas, cuisine and culture of each region I visited. I dreamed of sharing this sensory joy of travel experiences with my partner, making it the focus of our lifestyle. I was privileged to fly to many gorgeous locations, but I was always too immersed in my work to truly enjoy the beautiful places I visited. 

I know it seems like a dream scenario, but life would soon intervene…


Your vision becomes real when imagination turns to consistent daily intention and action…

After years dedicating all my energy and time to my work, I was suddenly laid off. I was exhausted and burned out. My health and relationship suffered while I prioritised my work ahead of my own wellbeing. I hoped the job would satisfy my wanderlust, but instead of an adventure, it became soul numbing. Months of being out of the game was catastrophic on my wellbeing and my bank balance. I felt uncertain and hopeless about the future. I had to shift my mindset to realise those setbacks were actually the opportunity to transform my life for better. I had to get clarity on exactly what I wanted for my future. It took consistent daily intention and perseverance, to grow which was challenging. But I knew that the cost of not moving forward was greater than trying to create a better life.

I had an idea to start an online business, but I had no previous experience or idea where to start. I wasn’t sure people would see value in what I offered. Fearing failure, I was paralysed at the thought of putting myself out there. So I began searching for the right model to build a sustainable online business, from someone with a proven success in the digital space, who could show me how to achieve a consistent income online.

I’m so grateful I found the right education, business model & mindset upgrades designed to create real results. It enables me to build my dream digital income, travel anytime & work from anywhere. I now enjoy more time with people I love, doing more of what we love.

I learned that your dreams are only as far away as you believe and that with the right mindset, skills and education anything is achievable!



Freedom Affiliate & Freedom Creator


2 simple, proven digital business models, tailored to create your dream income and lifestyle!

   A crystal clear, step by step structure to build a successful digital business, so you can move forward with confidence & support.

   This online education is designed by Jade & Kev, an everyday Aussie couple, with the exact models they used to grow their own online business from zero to close to $500k in 2 years & still growing beyond multi 6 figures.

  You’ll be empowered with digital skills so you can create lifestyle & financial freedom forever.

   You can start now by embracing the affiliate model & build your online business even with no experience or product of your own. 

   Build real income fast with high ticket commissions & create a better way for you to earn & live.

   Embrace a digital lifestyle, enjoy time freedom & create space for what really matters like family, relationships, travel & contribution.