What is The Matrix?

The term Matrix may remind us of the movies where the machines were controlling the humans and there was an underground movement of freeing humanity from this control. What is fascinating about these movies is that the control is on so many levels and we could see many parallels with our world.

Many writers have used the word Matrix as a term that represents a system of control that we are in without necessarily relating to the movies. A Matrix is a mathematical term where a combination of equations interact with each other. We could say that we are victims to these equations because our creative process in controlling our destinies has been minimised. Most of us have been captivated by the Matrix.

 The Matrix is a combination of our egos, society’s projections in how we should be, the financial system and even the three dimensional reality we live in.

 Our egos are what goes on in our minds, our created personality and our beliefs. It is the part of ourselves that tries to control everything because ultimately we don’t trust ourselves and the world. Our egos are the result of our learned fears, it is normal as in our evolution of civilization there is more fear than trust. But there is a movement where people are learning to let go and trust more!

 Our society’s projections are the collective egos, our created personalities to survive in this world combined with our emotional need to be connected. This results in most of us acting out through our personalities to be accepted and recognised by ourselves and others. Media is the leader of societal projections; everyone is trying to look cool through social media, we look up to celebrities. What we admire in celebrities is their level of self-confidence, they are good at acting because they understand personalities. They have grown away from their own, whether through this life or past ones.

 The financial system is designed to take away more and more money from people through incorrect mathematics. People who have power want more power! Some may have a hard time seeing this because they think that powerful people think like the rest. Their minds are become accustomed to completely different dynamics than the average hard working person. That leaves us with having to exchange more and more of our time establish a normal level of comfort  This normal level of comfort has also been increased due to the latest waves of advertising and materialism  Therefore the candle is burning on both ends. Overall this financial system further controls our freedom.

 Our three dimensional world is not as real as it seems to be, many scientists are starting to see this. This is not an area of expertise that has been well developed  For now we can say that our subconscious has a bigger influence on this reality than it has on us. We create our lives and our circumstances from what we truly think and believe. That is why it is so important to change what we feel and think inside if we’re going to really improve our lives.

 As the ego leads to the other aspects of the Matrix, we need to start freeing ourselves from our own egos. Our minds lead to everything else and prevent us from seeing everything else. Freeing the mind requires an astute discipline. How do we free our minds? Through spirituality, through understanding consciousness, through learning to love. We can ultimately start seeing parts of the Matrix when we connect with our higher consciousness.

 “No one can tell what what the Matrix is, you have to see it for yourself”!

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