The Importance of Having Your Own Spiritual Guidance System

Life can be so complex, confusing and problematic that having a well tuned guidance system is vital. When we don’t a good one, we can become easily lost and become victims to life’s negative energies. We also need to be able to handle positive energies, because lacking an understanding of important spiritual laws will leave us vulnerable to abusing pleasure. That eventually takes us down a negative path. The problem is that we live in a very superficial and externally concerned society that there we don’t have much room to search and develop a great guidance system.

Life can be very challenging and we can react in so many ways to either makes us feel better or to avoid the pains. One way or another, we can shut ourselves down to find a way to cope with life. Then we lose our abilities to really enjoy life when we want to. A huge part of us wants to thrive, make the most out of our lives and be happy. It is very hard to achieve these when there are many parts of us that have been shut down.

How we shut down is by restricting our energy flow in order not to feel pain and by creating illusions about life to make a certain sense of what we think is going on. We even create masks in our personalities so that people don’t see our vulnerabilities. At this point we are no longer living within our true selves but though a mental construct, which is our egos. As much as we want to enjoy life, a huge part of it can be about survival. We believe that we have to survive in this world, but the truth is that we don’t have to, it is only a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The life we get is the life we choose to believe in. Therefore much of our life is created from our beliefs which are all deep in our subconscious minds. Spirituality is important because it opens our minds to see the bigger picture and to look at ourselves. Many of us can feel uncomfortable with this deeper talk but what choice do we have if we want to better live in our realities. We can choose to do what society conforms us to and get distracted with entertainment. Or we can choose not to care about fitting in and find a way to learn to be happy.

A very good spiritual guidance system is about starting with the basics. Being able to look at oneself when the time is right and being able to heal oneself of issues. Looking at oneself takes the courage to understand how we create our problems through our limiting beliefs, which are caused by fear. When we do so, we open up our minds to be able to enjoy life again within those aspects of life. Whether, work, social, leisure activities, relationships etc.. We also gain wisdom about the spiritual laws and this is the best way to learn about spirituality; learning from ourselves. Therefore a good guidance system is about taking responsibility for one’s life and using each problem to free oneself from his/her limiting belief. A method in doing this needs to develop, therefore one has to learn how to focus on oneself to let go of negative energies. Any activity that encourages focus and breathing such as mediation is very helpful. From there one will learn to fine tune their methods of letting go and gaining wisdom. It is as simple as that!

Life is not always about challenges but can also be very exciting through accomplishments and pleasures. Sometimes our feelings from them can be overwhelming and very powerful that we use them to make ourselves think that we are powerful. There’s a difference in appreciating that we are powerful and thinking that we are powerful and what we can do with it. When we let the excitement get to our heads, we lose our true power therefore our stream of success will then diminish. It is important to use the spiritual laws that we have learned to balance ourselves to properly enjoy the energies of success. When we get good at it we can actually learn to find that state of mind which truly makes us happy. A state of calmness, powerfulness where we accept everything and see everything with purpose.

Life will bring us challenges on a daily basis, therefore it is very important to be connected to our own guidance system on a daily basis. We need to be able to practice daily it to be able to lead our lives to happiness instead of being victims of it. Over time we will be able to restore the part of ourselves that have been shut down. There’s no point in searching too hard to be happy when in fact all we need to do is to remove what is preventing us from truly being ourselves.

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