Why is it So Hard To Connect With Love?

The ultimate bliss we can have is when we are connected with love through ourselves first, everything is clearer and we are connected with a higher level of consciousness. There is also love when we are desperate from insecurity, but that is not the love we ultimately seek. We can come to a philosophical understanding that love is the state of being that we ultimately want to reach. But accomplishing that can be very difficult. When we are connected with spiritual love, we are protected from all the negativity that can affect us.

So why is it so hard to be at one with love. The answer is our conditioning, the reality that we have built for ourselves and the ego that we are mostly influenced by. What is preventing us is the interference in our subconscious that creates our dependence on the ego. Therefore we have to clear up our subconscious in order for us to connect with our love. It is not by searching for it outside ourselves that we will find it, that leads to desperate and insecure love. We want love to make us more powerful, not weaker. That is the first thing to be aware of if we want to have a real pursuit of love. We won’t get there by forcing ourselves to love, because it is an energy that flows naturally.

Finding love is along the same path as opening up to pure consciousness. It is all about letting go in order to let the energies flow and learning to ride its waves. It is also about using the lessons we learn along the way to train ourselves to attract more of what we truly want. We must also learn about what we truly want. Everything comes into place when we know how to let go of what is in the way of being who we really are, of loving and of pure consciousness.

What stands in our way is something we are not necessarily aware of, everything may seem fine but what we must look at is how can we better ourselves. We have so much to learn here as humans and there is much more room for improvement within our evolution. Our state of being, our state of mind and our reality is all being created by our subconscious. Our subconscious has both positive and negative programming. Our negative programming involves fears, doubts and illusions. What we are mostly unaware of is how many fears we may have, but yet affect our reality more than we would like. It is our ego’s job to suppress them but not without suppressing ourselves. It may sound difficult to get rid of them but it isn’t when we understand how our consciousness develops. Consciousness is a major part of us and we should do our best to learn to honor and understand this gift.

It is our blockages that prevent us from connecting with love, it is those fears and pains that we unconsciously carry. The good news is that we don’t need endless psychoanalysis to remove them. How our minds react in our daily lives is the result of these, therefore that science deals mostly with the symptoms while only slowly going to the source. But we can go directly to the source when we go along the path of how all these negative energies were created in the first place. Fear is originally felt, it is an energy, a negative energy. Coming in touch with these energies as they present themselves in our daily lives is how we can find our way back to the source. It is through letting go of these energies that we can find our way to open up to love. As we systematically remove our fears along with their beliefs, we lessen our need for the ego and it’s survival state. We can start seeing life in terms of abundance instead of scarcity. It is our beliefs that create our reality and not the other way around.

As we understand our consciousness, we can use these tools in our daily lives to undo our programming and allow ourselves to be freer everyday. We can take on a path to gradually opening up to love, because it is all in us.

The other problem is the battle of love versus lust. This is a battle of positive and negative. The positive love energy flows through and fulfills us while raising our consciousness. Lust bring pleasure to the body but this energy does not evolve our soul. It only traps us into vicious circles that seeks to pleasure our bodies and our egos. Therefore lust does not benefit us at all when it comes to higher purpose. But the drive for lust can completely cut us off from love. Our love has to become stronger, we have to fight for it. Our drive for lust can be in our programming and we have to learn to let go of it.  We must heal this programming and at the same time learn to open up to love so we are less vulnerable to lust. If we really want to evolve and come in touch with the world’s true beauty, we must win this battle.

Lust can hide in the brain and rise in the form of desire when we become vulnerable to certain situations such as boredom, loneliness, fear and insecurity. It can also come in the form of conditioning when we see the things that we use to bring in lust. We must become aware of all these vulnerabilities and heal them while at the same time channel them into other activities than lust. 

The reason why we may chose lust so easily is that we are thrill seekers, pleasure seekers. The feeling we can get from lust rewards our senses. But seeking this pleasure will takes us away from love, the true pleasure. If love doesn’t flow properly and don’t desire it enough, then it is because we have discomforts and pains attached to it. Our bodies have too many blockages to let these feeling flow out smoothly. Therefore we must work on these at the same time as we try to overcome our desires for lust. We can overcome our blockages and programming though lust when we can mediate and go deeper into ourselves.

Now as we evolve from this, we will see how our ability for love and passion is significantly increased. Then we have to make sure that we do not channel our newly found passion into lust but keep it within our fantasies of love. Once we see this, we will understand that the best advice for passion and love comes from our own intuitive drive.

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