Why Spirituality?

Spirituality is the deeper exploration of ourselves and reality. We are here to learn and have so much to learn that it is very beneficial for us to have a daily spiritual connection with our lives. On the other hand, the material world and it’s survival can keep us very occupied that we lose touch with spirituality. Within the material world our egos are predominant, a completely different state of mind than the one we are in when exploring ourselves on the deeper level.

The state of mind of the ego is a completely different type of energy than the spiritual one, it is more about control to make sure we meet demands. Within this state of mind, we forget what is truly important in life because we are so preoccupied with the material world and don’t like to think about spirituality at all. This subject can make the ego very uncomfortable and it challenges it. The ego is very rigid where spirituality is about evolution and growth. The ego believes that everything about us is fine but we are in a world of learning where we need to let go of the old in order to learn new things.

When we open up to spirituality, we can see two different flows of consciousness, the one that we are used to which is constant analysis and the other which is when consciousness just flows on it’s own. When consciousness flows, everything we do is better and everything we see is clearer. Because we are seeing, we don’t need to analyze, and life seems so much deeper and fulfilling from this perspective. This happens because we are more connected and are free of control. This higher state of consciousness is more about trusting and feeling. But this state of mind is harder to achieve because the slightest feeling of fear can set us back into our usual controlling consciousness.

Our subconscious is filled with fears, whether small or big, important or less important. Our egos keep us from feeling them, but we can see and feel them with much ease when we are in a deeper connection with ourselves and reality. Therefore our spiritual goal can come down to this; in order to connect more with our free flowing consciousness we have to let go of what is preventing us from doing so while at the same time learning more about it. When we learn more about ourselves, we learn more about consciousness, and when we go deep enough we see how much our consciousness creates our lives. But we cannot directly control ourselves to connect with our deeper selves, it is about letting go in order to open up and being patient for the moments to come. When we set our intention out to the universe that we want this connection, it will be a lot easier.

When we truly realize the potential we have when we use spirituality to connect with our higher consciousness, we will want more of it. We will probably try to control our way back into it, but control does not work at all with a free flowing state of mind. Too much control can ruin our way into this consciousness until we let go of this very control we created in the first place. This mistake can separate us from spirituality for a long time. This is why we need to accept a good balance between the spiritual world and the material world. It is good to better ourselves in both worlds and learn from each and see how they interact with each other.

With the demands of the material world, it can be very difficult to find time to pursue spirituality. We can become so busy with our daily tasks, that we forget how important it is to maintain a balance. Without that balance, stress can easily become a factor, making even harder to step back and look at life from a grander perspective when in those times it is the very thing we really need. During those really busy times, the ego is strongly in command therefore it is going to take a lot of energy to step back and focus on spirituality. We must do the best we can in those cases to find the time to relax the mind in order to change our consciousness. Yet we create our realities with our thoughts and when we are most busy with stress, our realities will leave little room for ourselves. Therefore this is the momentum that we have to break. Once we understand how this all works, it becomes easier to find that precious time to find that deeper connection with our lives. When we do, we can make better sense of everything and start changing our lives for the better.

The last thing is to know how to really relax the mind. Our minds are overly active in the first place because there are a lot of energies inside us that we are not paying attention to. At first glance we don’t want to confront them because they are uncomfortable but it is the work that we must do in order to evolve. When we can breathe and release the uncomfortable energies inside our bodies, we can learn so much and tap into our higher consciousness as we relax the mind. It is all about seeing ourselves as energy beings and seeing how we go far deeper than the mind. When we release the fears that cause our stress, it allows us to connect with our powerful energies.

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