Understanding Health Issues

The tetrad of health

(material health, alternative health, energetic health, purpose in health)

Understanding health is a big mystery. We get colds, viruses, injuries, medical conditions, diseases, cancers etc. We do our best to solve them while trying to understand the causes of them. Medical science today helps us answers these questions but despite all of our technological advancements there is still so much more to know. Medical theories and studies change over time to discard old beliefs and bring new ones in. Then we learn whatever we thought we knew for years is no longer valid, but what is to say that the new beliefs are truly valid? If our beliefs are evolving, in what direction are they doing so? Some of us can turn into alternative medicine to try and get better answers, yet better treatments. Then many of these can also be debated with the established medical community, creating confusion. I will do my best here to look at the bigger picture to see what all this is really about.

We are human beings here living on this earth with a purpose. Following our purpose in our everyday lives is a difficult task. We have so many distractions both internally and externally.

Our health issues are guides to help us get back on track. Sometimes we listen sometimes we don’t. Listening obviously makes everything easier. However sometimes we don’t know even what to listen to or to look for. Sometimes we just aren’t ready or need something more severe to change our perceptions. This is how our health react to us. It is both a combination of having health issues to awaken us towards our purpose as well as energetic imbalances that create problems in our bodies.

Our collective train of thought when it comes to health focuses mainly on our physical bodies, through understanding biology. However biology is no where connected to understanding our purpose.

Therefore there’s a break in the chain of causality if we want to somehow relate health to purpose. Unfortunately we have to look at things that we cannot see or measure with scientific tools. Our society is so predominately run by the materialistic view of things, measuring life through our five senses that we are sometimes even afraid to go deeper. What I mean by going deeper is feeling our emotions and going beyond our minds into our subconscious. Another way of looking at it is by recognizing that we have a form of energy that is always circulating through us.

This is something that has always been a part of ancient cultures, but because we have been conditioned to only believe in things that technology can measure we have disregarded the simplest things. Technology cannot measure emotions, feelings, energy or the subconscious mind. We still have so much to learn about these things let alone being able to measure them through scientific terms. Therefore we live in a world where we keep ourselves separated from understanding them.

Why do we have health problems?

First let’s look at a simple basic purpose that we have. We are here to evolve and be happy. Sometimes we have false perceptions of happiness however we will hit roadblocks in order be shown the right way, sometimes in terms of health problems. This is because we are out of alignment from the force that creates our existence, what creates nature in its perfect balance. We are here to learn this balance through consciousness. We often get stuck in mindsets that are not aligned with this purpose. Such as being stuck in ego and resistance. We resist accepting that we are creating our own stress and problems, while drifting away from being happy. Therefore we attract more stress up to the point we hit bottom. Sometimes this is the only way we decide to look at our imbalances and illusions. We can get so stuck in our illusions or belief systems how to approach life that we depend on them. Therefore if we ultimately need to learn to let them go, we need to see how they fail us. We can hit bottom in different ways but health is a common one.

Having health problems can ultimately teach us great things about ourselves and life. Once we accept this, then we start to understand that health problems are guides to help us break out of patterns that are out of alignment with our purpose. Sometimes, we create them unconsciously to wake us up, or they just could be imbalances in us that create health issues. This is how we can get stuck looking in the wrong place to heal ourselves. We can have the belief that our bodies are forms of matter therefore we look through matter to heal ourselves, such as physical medical science or nutrition. If we solve our problems directly through those means, we don’t learn anything and they will repeat themselves sooner than later!

What we need to understand is that we are being of energy and consciousness. Unfortunately, mainstream medical science never talks about this because their science is based on those two elements being the by products of matter. For decades now, especially in the last one, quantum physics in gaining much more ground in the scientific field. It’s theories add to the classical physics and explain the anomalies by reversing the chain of causality. Experiments and mental anomalies show that it is consciousness that creates reality and matter. There’s vital energy that guides how we are created and we live by it. The energy we have relys much more than on proper nutrition and health.

It is our subconscious minds that play a huge role in our vital energy. It is also connected with the higher forms of energy and consciousness. Therefore much of our health problems are created by imbalances in these. They are there to show us that we are doing something wrong what we need to adjust our way of being. Once we understand this, we can live our lives in awareness and learn the lessons our bodies show us. We learn in harmony, being the easy way without going through much suffering.

The problem is that most of us live our lives so deep in ego that we resist living in any other way. This is because our egos cover up our fears and pains. They create identities and belief systems around them to hide them. Because we aren’t solving the source of our problems and we can’t evolve living through ego. We only resist the lessons we have to learn. We do this because we resist facing our pains and fears. But the more we do this, the more this can build up and create problems in our lives including health. Relying on our egos can be what got us through life and we believe in it. It could have worked then, however it is very beneficial to wake up to the fact that there are better ways to be. We could be at a point where our lives are ready to receive happiness and get away from survival. When our souls reach this point, we can get many signs to let go of our ego. We can ignore them because we don’t know better or prefer to resist, therefore we will have to be woken up by something more dramatic.

Ultimately we have to realize that to evolve, we have to let go of whatever it is that creates our suffering, and open up to love. Our egos create suffering and prevent us from feeling, therefore we cannot feel love. The amount of love we then feel in our lives is brief, once we feel safe enough to temporarily surrender our egos.

When we are stuck in our egos, we need to see this world end through a tremendous amount of suffering. We have to see that world for what it is. Most of us are not there yet. And those who are, have probably seen the end of their world but are not on a path to learn to wake up.

Waking up is much better than being constantly stuck from ego but it does not shield us from it. We are still in ego however we are aware of it and can work on ourselves to let go of it. This step is still very challenging, as the ego is a very clever entity and is great at reinventing itself. We still have a lot of unresolved pains and fears, therefore we will still have many moments where we can be overtaken by it.

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