How to truly evolve ourselves

Life is so complex and can be difficult that we need to explore our own consciousness to improve our lives. Most of us probably live our lives without a strong spiritual connection, or lack of awareness therefore lack much knowledge required to make the most out of our lives. We can easily become distracted, disconnected then rely solely of what we know about life and be content with that. There is just too much to learn, we cannot have a fulfilling journey without learning from philosophers, spiritual seekers, healers etc.. Let’s be clear that being spiritual can be just own own private journey to understanding life, but a journey that adds so much to our lives! It’s like if we try to master our own health without using the knowledge and research done by the sciences of medical health, nutrition and energy healing. We have to be careful at times mind you in terms of what to trust. The same applies with the science of consciousness. This is why the best way to learn is through ourselves.

The best way to learn about consciousness is through healing, our own healings. Through this, we can learn to master our own lives. We can easily get lost in searching for answers, looking for ways to improve our lives. We know this because can easily be dissatisfied and lose track with our path to better changes. The problem is that we are conditioned today to live in a mental world, we are distracted not to feel, not only by society but by ourselves as well. In short we try to change our lives by learning to control thing better, and to better understand things. This is not efficient at all.

Take the iceberg analogy of the conscious and subconscious mind. The conscious represents only a tiny fraction of who we are. The subconscious is who we are. We create our own reality. If we read up of what most experts have to say about the law of attraction, what physicists have to say about consciousness, this is the conclusion. Therefore we have to change ourselves not just our ways of thinking. The ways of thinking change automatically as we change ourselves. The reason we get caught up in this paradox is that we will do just about anything to avoid dealing with our pains and fears. We choose the short term solution which is only a vicious circle. The real solution is to heal our blockages, and we can become who we want to be without trying so hard.

Most of us are probably aware of what the term ego means and that it’s bad. The problem is that we all live through it but in various degrees. We do our best when we are not living through it. We have our intuitions when we are free of it. We feel love when we are free of it. We feel happiness when we are free of it. I’m sure we all have personal examples of this, some more than others. Then the solution has to be to free ourselves from our egos! that’s true but it is just not that easy. The ego cannot dissolve from good intentions. The ego is actually our defense mechanism against our issues. Therefore our egos will easily manipulate the world around us to avoid them, however this only attracts more circumstances that manifests them. This is why it is said that the ego creates suffering.

The ego can only be dissolved through healing or inspirations that bring us to an energy that vibrates above it. All we need to do is to learn how to heal ourselves properly and we can prosper. Life inspirations are random therefore we cannot only influence getting more of these by attracting more of them. We are vibrations, we can increase our vibrations through healing ourselves and attract the things that we want. The highest vibrations are when we are connected to love and/or our higher selves. Reaching these vibrations will also take our healings to the next level.

I have written a 20 page manuscript with a formula that shows us how to be aware of our ego, therefore our issues then how to release them through our higher vibrations. Through learning this, you will find your own path to connecting with your answers. Need I say more, you can figure out the rest! I’m offering this manuscript for free, just send me a note in the comment box below and I will send it to you via e-mail which will never be shared.

Matthew Butcher


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