How to truly evolve towards freedom

The world of self-help, personal development, law of attraction and so forth offer a lot of great knowledge about making the most out of our lives. However sometimes, if not often we can get lost in thinking too much about how to live our lives that we develop restlessness. All these teachings are aimed at helping us to feel good and getting what we want.

The problem is that we end up trying too hard to figure everything out and consequently push ourselves away from progress. This is because we are trying to replicate concepts that are taught, instead of using a set of tools to live them. If we get stuck in this state of mind, we just want to forget about everything. This is because the process has been overtaken by the ego which then tries to control everything and removes us from our true spiritual power. As a consequence we can steer off our path to personal success and enlightenment.

The solution is to have a set of tools and exercises that distract the ego, as well as an awareness of how the ego gets its power. Then we can stay on track with our journey to personal freedom and success. Most importantly, personal freedom is most powerful when we can free ourselves from our egos.

The wisdom teachings are great, as they give us an awareness of where to start. For example the concepts of the law of attraction gives us an awareness that can lead to completely change our lives. Let’s take the two fundamental principles, first, we create our reality therefore we are responsible for it, second if we change our thoughts/feelings we can change our reality. Just understanding this can take us halfway to where we want to go but unfortunately it cannot take us all the way. It is a big step because we can prevent ourselves from creating a lot of suffering in our lives as we stop blaming other people and outside circumstances for our pain. This leads us to become more aware of our own thoughts and beliefs. We can learn to change some of them by this awareness alone but after a little while we will stop progressing.

This is because there is a whole other world in learning about changing our thoughts, feelings, emotions and beliefs. The good news is that there is a great set of tolls we can learn to help us get there, and as we do so, we can see the wisdom teachings for ourselves, through a certain order within our own process. Then our path becomes different; we seek wisdom teachings to reassure what we are learning which empowers us versus trying to figure out what the wisdom teachings mean. In essence it becomes about feeling the teachings versus having the ego trying to figure everything out from the teachings. As we know, trying to figure everything out from the teachings only ends up taking us away from them because the whole point of everything is to feel and be present in one moment at a time.

Let’s go over different tools that are a great starting point to live the teachings versus mentally manipulating them.

Tool#1 As we have become a society that uses science to back up everything, we should also understand the science behind why we create our reality. The science of quantum physics have several experiments proving that the observer affects the behaviour of particles. We live in a world of different possibilities and outcomes, and somehow we are connected to this outside of space and time. This is why our gut feelings or intuitive guidance always lead us in the right direction. This understanding helps reinforces our actions to trust the universe, so we don’t get caught up in distrust and control.

Tool#2 The mind body problem; our true power comes from our subconscious minds, which is the body. Our conscious minds are only the tip of the iceberg. We create our lives out of the beliefs we have, however these can be difficult to change without the right tools. We may have to get past strong emotions to let them go or access a theta brainwave through healing. Meditation or deep reflections also work great.

Tool#3 It’s great to get a load off the mind by writing things down when we are suffering from issues and problems. This reliefs helps to remove what clouds judgement and insights will arise as we are reconnecting with the body. We are not searching for answers when we write down our issues, however insights come out of it.

Tool#4 Feeling life is a great thing, including pain. We have to remove our conditioning to want to resist this pain, and learn to just be vulnerable or surrender to it. When pain arises in any given situation, the path to freedom lies from feeling it in the body versus cutting it off with the ego. As our ego nouns our pains, it takes the energy into the mind, therefore the pain is decreased, how but that leads to suffering and disconnect. When we are disconnected, we are missing out on all the great things life has to offer. Only because we don’t know how to handle pain. There is a simple process we can learn to let a given pain flow through our body, or to allow ourselves to feel it.

Tool#5 Understanding the reason why we have pain gives us to power to feel it. We judge our pain because we think it’s bad. If we look at the bigger picture of life, there is no joy without pain. Pain just gives meaning to joy, there is a purpose in pain, we can get a lot of wisdom teachings on our own when we surrender to pain. This takes us out of the mind towards being present. All our issues are generated to give us lessons as we transcend them therefore they in a way serve us. Healing happens when we accept the pain for what it is. Understanding our relationship with the universe is how we can go deeper into this. Essentially we are given the illusion of separation which is opposite to that we are all one.

Tool#6 Working with practitioners to help us become aware of our own blocks. It will take longer to see things on our own. We have to fail to see our weak points. Practitioners can help us transform quickly without having to be taught as much from experiences. We can bypass a great deal of suffering from using healers and coaches.

Tool#7 Becoming a healer yourself. You get to know about the field for yourself and you can better manage your growth. As you become connected to this world you can come across some of the most advanced teachings available. From my personal experience, the most advanced teaching is working with movement feedback holography to expose mythologies. This is the quickest way to transcend the stories you are running that are running you.

I work as a theta healer where I can find and change the core beliefs that holding you back in your life within minutes. Along this I can coach you to process meaning out of them. I have never seen such a quick way to change beliefs and to have such a profound change in lives. It’s quite miraculous! To request a session, please e-mail me at

I have also written a 20 page manuscript with a formula that shows us how to be aware of our ego, surrender to the pain that fuels it to let it all go. Through learning this, you will find your own path to connecting with your answers. Need I say more, you can figure out the rest! I’m offering this manuscript for free, just send me an e-mail at and your e-mail will never be shared. Updated January 15th, 2017

Matthew Butcher


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