How to truly evolve ourselves

Life is so much richer when we can connect with our higher consciousness, when we let go of our egos, when we balance our energies, when we overcome stress, when we find a deep inner peace, when we can truly connect with life, when we feel enlightened, when we connect with higher awareness or connect with whatever you interpret it to be which makes you feel powerful. When we can do that then we can truly find love, the powerful feeling that brings everything together.

The best way to solve our problems whether minor or major is to use this energy to breathe deep into our higher selves. When our lives aren’t going the way we want, the best way to turn things around is to develop a habit of connecting with this higher energy that is in us. Our consciousness has many levels and whichever one we are in is a result of our energetic vibration. This energy comes from our deepest emotions and the experiences we have. Self-healing is how we can go deeper to change these energies which will in turn affect the experiences we have.

Going deeper into our energies is how we can access our higher consciousness. Many of the addictions or bad habits we have will be solved through working regularly with our higher consciousness. Addictions are a symptom of desiring pleasure when we are disconnected from our purpose and self-love. Our purpose is to learn to love ourselves which then we are no longer vulnerable to negative energy. Only our fears will bring us down!

In order to achieve this we need to understand the science of how we connect with love and our higher consciousness. These are energies in us that want to flow naturally, therefore we can’t search for them but allow them to flow through us. This happens when we heal ourselves of our blockages. It starts with understanding ourselves better which is learning about self-awareness. We also have to understand how our inner reality creates our outer reality which then we can take more responsibility for our lives.

A simple formula to free ourselves is to understand the biggest barrier to consciousness which is the ego. The ego is a survival based defense mechanism. It is useful to get us by in our lives but it has its own versions of reality that is disconnected from the real energies of life. In order to prosper and find happiness we have to learn to surf the waves of true energy. The ego can barely perceive these waves therefore it is counter productive to trust this state of consciousness to lead us where we truly want to be. We need to put our egos aside in order to learn about emotional intelligence, a form of intelligence far superior than what the ego thinks it knows.

Gradually letting go of the ego means freeing ourselves to catch the waves of higher consciousness. Everything makes more sense in this state of higher awareness and we no longer need to analyze and control everything as the ego does. It makes complete sense to let go but the problem is that we cannot consciously do it.

In order to let go of the ego’s influence we have to let go what what makes us be so dependent of it. We feel we need to control things because we fear how they will turn out and we don’t trust ourselves enough to let ourselves be. Our fears create negative beliefs about ourselves which we then project into the world to further get it back. This is how fears grow, therefore the only thing to fear is fear itself.

The bottom line is that we have to let go of our fears in order to be free. Any given fear creates a web of beliefs as it grows and we have to undo these webs to get to the source. A fear gets defeated when it is confronted the way it enters by surrendering to its energy without letting our egos protect us from its pain. As we do so, we gain emotional intelligence and we are able to feel more love.

When we start to see the rewards of healing ourselves on a frequent basis, we then can see it as a mission. This is how we connect more with our higher consciousness or higher self. We understand that life is about using our experiences to heal and find love for ourselves, life, then for another person.

Self-healing and gaining emotional intelligence is how we can fulfill our lives the most. When we take on this journey, which I call evolving to freedom, we start to see how much the universe is alive and wants us to learn. More events in our lives will have meaning and timing in such that it is exactly the experience we need to guide us. This is called synchronicity. It becomes amazing to know that we are turning towards the right path and that the universe is actively guiding us.

Now the key becomes to find a discipline out of our daily distracting lives to be able to heal. There is so much healing that we all need to do, including for those who are very successful and think they have all together. We can keep ourselves busy on a daily basis when we notice how certain energies bother us. We can use them and evolve faster than we could have ever imagined.

I have written a manuscript less than 20 pages that precisely can guide us to become aware, confront then let go of our fears in order to be free. I’m not going to tell you that it is all super easy, nothing rewarding in life is the case, so you have to be motivated to do the work. Either way you will do some and when you’re ready you will do more. It in involves a 10 step process to understand, use, move, release energy while your higher consciousness flows in. My style of writing is about being as simple and to the point as possible which is why I didn’t write a book. I always edit to become more effective. If you would like to try my manuscript, please ask for one in the comment box below. My intention is only to get feedback at some point therefore I would never share your e-mail address. 

Matthew Butcher


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